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Ultrasonic cutter ZO-91/CE product

Ultrasonic cutter ZO-91/CE product

Powerful handy cutting tool with output power control


Cutting with ultrasonic vibration


When ultrasonic vibration is applied to a blade, the friction between the blade and the workpiece is reduced. As a result, less physical force needs to be applied to the cutter or knife when cutting the workpiece normally.
*If the blade is not capable of cutting the material by itself (without ultrasonic vibration), it will not be able to cut the material when ultrasonic vibration is applied.


  • Unique "TAF" circuit keeps the output power stable and powerful.
  • Not likely other models, no need to keep holding down the operation switch on the handpiece switch (turns off automatically after 10 minutes operation).
  • High speed vibration, 40,000 cycle per second (40 kHz) assists smooth cutting with less pressure force.
  • Able to select Normal mode or High mode.
  • Main unit has handpiece holder. Handpiece settles safe while not in use.
  • CE compliance


Applicable material and thickness (reference)
  • Synthetic resin, Plastic. Epoxy putty, Paper, Cardboard,
    Chemical fiber/ cloth, Polyester putty, 3D printed material, Silicone
  • Thickness: 3 mm maximum

The cutting experience described above may vary by the environment and hardness of the material.
For the material not listed above, please contact us, before you try.

  • Specification

    Model No. ZO-91
    Oscillation frequency 40kHz
    Power consumption Approx. 40 W max.
    AC adapter 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 80VA
    Output:12VDC 3.5A
    Main unit 173x89x76 (excluding protrusions)
    Handpiece dia. 32x144 (including blade)
    Ambient operation condition Temperature:10 to 35℃
    Humidity:20 to 70% (No condensation)
    Circuit protection Temperature sensor inside of Handpiece
    Detection circuit for overload
    Main unit 260g
    Handpiece 70g  (including handpiece cable)
    Power cable length Total 2.7m (adapter cable 1.5m + AC cable 1.2m)
    Handpiece cable length 1.6m
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